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Aloubell Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist



I hope that you have as much fun as possible here and come to grow as your own unique artist. :icontuzkistarsplz:
Here, you can meet a bunch of friends who not only have things in common with you, but who can also aid you on your

artistic journey. You may even become a part of your own DA family! :iconk-onplz: And it is also here that you might find

your inspiration :iconkawaiidesuplz:, OR become an inspiration to others. :icongoodjob-plz: Because DA has artists kind

enough to help up and coming artists, you'll pretty much have darn near all the resources you'll need on the way

(tutorials, stock images, brushes, etc!)--and incredible support to boot ^_~ :iconairpunchplz:

So much to enjoy--the fantastic artists, the emoticons, the groups, the badges, the friends, the contests, the points, the

la's :la:...and the LLAMAS! :iconllamafeverplz:

Dont get discouraged if you find navigation around here still new and hard to get around. You'll get it in no time

:iconfoxhideplz: And if you happen to be like I was when i first started, it takes a while to have more pageviews or

watchers. But dont fret! It all takes time my friend! With each new piece of art you learn something new--and with each

new piece you improve. Soon enough, you'll catch the eye of more than one passerby. :iconsparkleeyeyuiplz: And who knows?

Next week you might be the next big thing! :iconfukoplz::icon34nipahplz:

No matter what happens, keep doing what you do and creating the kind of art that only YOU are capable of. And no matter

what happens, stay true to you and avoid doing art for the sake of the masses. Do what makes you happiest.

:iconhiyorismileplz: Its nice to have watchers and those who love our art (believe me, i know), but whats the point if we

dont like what we do ourselves? :iconyuihuhplz: Dont fall into a similar trap that other artists do and draw what their

watchers what to see. :iconkurumiblehplz:
Unless ur working on commissions (even with that you set your limits), this is YOUR DA page and its meant for your self

expression. And soon enough, you'll have the respect and watch of those people who appreciate you for being you.

Dont forget to support your favorite artists here as well! And let me tell, you there are some FABULOUS and WICKEDLY

talented artists on here. :iconfangasmingplz: Just check out the Daily Deviations--which are like the artists hall of fame

of the day. There is no shortage of inspiration on this site. So no art-block, k? :iconchitandaahplz:

And no matter what happens, try not to get discouraged or frustrated. :iconmayakasadplz: I'm sure that you'll be able to

overcome it and turn out even stronger in the end! You can go the extra mile and be the artist you always dreamed of.

:iconsmilingcronaplz: Maybe you wont be able to produce masterpieces right away. But I assure you that all the artists you

look up to all started off with where you are now. :iconflop-plz: Dont compare yourself to others. :icontaricheekplz: You

are you and you work and improve in your own time :iconmoenomplz:. And do giver yourself more credit. Chances are that

what you see is different from what your fans see. To so many others you could be a role model, so dont put urself down!

You are much more capable than you think. :iconrightneplz:

Or perhaps you're not an artist and are just someone who appreciates the arts~ :iconsuperw00tplz:
DA is a fantastic place for you too! Just look around and bask in all of the awesomeness! Where to begin?!

May I suggest various groups based on your favorite fandoms or just general art groups? There is pretty much a group for

anything you can think of, so you shouldnt have any problems there :iconyutasmileplz:  Just look around and fav and

comment and watch as many artists as you'd like! (tho really i think you can only watch 500 people...but still...thats a

lot). Every artist deeply appreciates your support ^0^ I hope you find what ur looking for here! :icontimoteiiplz:

And maybe someday, you'll be inspired to pick up an artistic medium of your choosing and show the world YOUR

:iconpachuuplz: creative side~ :iconokie2plz::iconrbowluv:

Now that you've read my incredibly long welcome letter :iconteeheeneplz:  You're on your way my friend! :iconba-kyunplz: I

hope that all goes well with you and that you really come to like it here! :iconsmile-luplz:

:iconhave-anicedayplz: :iconkyutwinkplz: